Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu   

May All Beings Be Happy and Free

 Tamara is trained in many healing modalities such as sound healing, yoga (500RYT), Chakradance, Shamanism, Reiki and more.  She has also created two methods of energy healing, the first is called Autism Intuitive Balancing which is a customized approach to working with children diagnosed with autism through telepathy and the next is called Multi-Dimensional Oneness which is an all encompassing method for any issue where healing is available and the client is ready and willing to heal and shift.  Her newest creation is Sound Prescriptives which is a custom sound healing approach to resolving and balancing issues through sound frequencies. She loves assisting others on working on their shadow work and embodying their soul's beautiful gifts to share with the world.  She loves to host retreats, work with children on yoga and mindfulness techniques as well as private and group sound healing and yoga sessions.