It's so exciting to wake up one day and realize that all you've been through...personal illness, the suicide of her brother and then the journey of her son through the experience of autism would be a gift.  It wasn't a punishment.  It wasn't bad karma.  It meant something.   It brought something to learn.  It brought the gifts of lessons and experiences.  And it brought to the surface Tami Duncan's spiritual gifts.

In 2009 Tami's life was catapulted into a new way of being.  As she was right in the midst of her journey with Lyme disease and autism with her son, Michael, her spiritual gifts began to rise to the surface.  

She realized after taking Reiki classes that she was able to communicate with children diagnosed with autism, as she calls the awesome ones, telepathically.  This brought forth her gift of connecting parents more deeply to their children.     She also realized she could connect with ascended masters, angels, spirits and her own soul.   

Throwing most of the trainings she had out the window,  she merged into the flowing space of her energy healing practice and allowed the magic to show up.   As she worked solely on an intuitive basis she was able to create amazing healing experiences for her clients.   She has a special knack for teaching others to find their own inner light.   Her work with the awesome ones enabled her to connect with parents and work with them on their own spiritual journey.

In April 2015 she was guided to veer a different direction with her practice and is now hosting retreats, online classes and mentoring others to find their healer within and express that into the world.    In May 2015 her book, Vibrational Healing for Autism (AKA Awesome Kids) was released and is part of her gift to the autism community to help them understand the divine gifts their children bring.

 She is also the creator of the #ISeeYourLight social media movement in which she asks parents to take another look and share with the world when they saw the light of divinity within their child.   This movement is spreading worldwide and it's goal is to raise the vibration of the autism community out of the state of fear, anger and worry and into love, compassion and joy.

As if that weren't enough she is working on a highly spiritual level to anchor the Christ Consciousness Grid into the 3-Dimensional reality to allow each soul the ability to awaken to their own soul purpose and divine gifts.  In addition she is also starting her next book that brings more of a global message to humanity about shining your own divine light into the world and living a heart centered life.

You can read more about what Tami's up to on her newsletter, Facebook page and You Tube channel.