Soul Talk

In SOUL TALK I speak to the soul of your "awesome child' , pet or unborn baby.   You can send me three questions and I will send you a full report on anything I pick up from them, answers, guidance, thoughts, etc.    It is one of my favorite things to do.   This is just to give you clarity.   The report will take 1-2 weeks and will be e-mailed to you. 
Click one of the above pictures to order your Soul Talk session and report.  

Cost:  $98 per session

Once you've ordered your report please send me your three questions and a picture of the animal, child, baby or you (if your baby is still in the cooker).  Email me here at Tami   @  Epiphany Healing Arts . com (without spaces)

You can expect your report within 1-2 weeks.

I LOVE to mentor up and coming healers and people who are interested in living a more heart centered, high vibrational life but need that guidance on how to work with energy and speak to their soul from someone who is able to show the way.   In the mentoring program we work together live, online, as I guide you to new healing techniques, new ways to tune into your body, mind and spirit.   The clincher is that I only work with those that are committed.   If you expect me to do it for you, you're in the wrong place.   I help YOU to tune in, receive the guidance from your intuition.   It's really a very awesome and empowering experience. 


What does mentoring look like?

It is customized to what is needed at that time.  We will tap in "together" and view life situations, healing in our families with divine eyes and open hearts.   We will connect and determine what is needed to balance and harmonize.   You will learn new techniques.  We will fine tune the old techniques and work together to create full alignment and understanding of your soul purpose as well as those around you so that you can fully support them.

Who should Mentor?

It is important that each mentee I take on isn't expecting me to do their work for them.  This is about me guiding you and helping you to step into your own power and gifts.   So my mentees will be proactive in their education and always understanding that we never stop learning from others, from ourselves and from Spirit.   

Mentoring sessions will last 60 minutes and be on the ZOOM webinar platform.   We will be on the line the entire time together so you should set aside the time dedicated to this process.   Sessions are as needed and we will use energetic practices to determine how often they should be scheduled.  

Cost is $127 per private session. 

Or for the most intense mentoring experience I offer group mentoring for up to 4 people for $97 per session. 

Individual Healing Sessions

After a 9 month break from seeing individual clients, I am ready to come back on a limited basis.   I was sensing several families calling me to work with them at this point.   So I am taking clients but that is very limited to just a handful per week.  Also...our sessions will look a little differently.

  • 1 hour session on ZOOM webinar platform - I will send you the link.
  • Each session will be recorded and you may request the video recording after the session
  • Each session is a co-creation.  We will work together as I coach you to tune in and expand your intuition to heal and shift issues, irritations and patterns.  We do this together so you learn to be self-sufficient.
  • If you are coming to me for your child, the session will be for you and your child.   It's time to take care of ourselves first.  The child will receive healing sometimes directly, other times indirectly.   What is in the highest good of the child will always be first and foremost.
  • Many techniques are available for healing fact EVERYTHING is available to us.  We will allow Spirit to guide us always.  Some techniques that may be used are Reiki, Shamanism, Essential Oils, Homeopathy, Angelic Realms, Sacred Geometry, Garcia Ennergetics, Prayer and many other techniques that are divinely channeled that arrive in the moment of flow. 
  • Healing and learning is how we work.   As I'm tuning in and discovering what is the most pressing issue, I will also guide you in ways to shift and heal these patterns in your life.

My healing practice has taken a beautiful new twist over the last year.   No longer am I your "fix it girl".  I am now the one to call when you are ready to make changes in your life.  When the time has come for you to step out of the old way and into your soul purpose.    There are several ways to work together.   We can do this through the mentoring program or through soul talk.   Read about each type of session below....