Email Tami to book your online or in person sessions.  Tami@Epiphany 

Energy Healing Sessions

ONLINE Multi-Dimensional Oneness Healing Session
1 hour @ $127.00
I am the creator of this incredible modality and am excited to use my years of experience in this new, fine-tuned, mindful energetic healing practice. This is truly a SOUL POWERED healing method with many techniques combined in an intuitive way to help you to EMBODY YOUR SOUL PURPOSE AND POWER FULLY INTO THIS LIFE! It's a time of remembering, connecting, expanding and awakening to who you really are. 

ONLINE Autism Intuitive Balancing
1 hour @ $127.00
This beautiful modality created by Tami Duncan with 10 years of experience with the awesome children, she will connect telepathically to your child and help you to understand the underlying causes of behaviors and issues. As she eloquently connects she will provide some parent coaching and intuitive guidance as to how a parent can best help to create harmony and healing with their child. The healing energies come forth in unconditional love and divine timing to help the child integrate into this world.

ONLINE Teen Healing and Mentoring Session
40 minutes @ $95.00
If you have a teen that is struggling, trying to navigate their gifts and needs extra support, healing and insights...this is the session to choose. This is a private session (without mom sorry) and a safe space for your teen to open up, discuss issues, learn techniques to balance issues, work with their intuitive gifts and learn to navigate this world empowered with strategies and confidence. Each session will include energy healing, clearing and intuitive guidance. Sessions on Facetime or Zoom.

All sessions can be recorded and are ONLINE via the Zoom webinar platform.  Please have a webcam and microphone for our session.  You can download the app for Zoom if you choose to use your mobile device.   You will be emailed instructions on how to log into the session once you schedule.  Thank you so much and I look forward to a beautiful healing session with you!  If you would like an in person session with Tami, please email her directly for availability and location.  


Private In-Person Sessions

Tami is open to working privately with clients for yoga, meditation and breathwork sessions in Riverside County of California.  Please email her for availability: 

One hour yoga or meditation session:   $65 

One hour energy healing session:  $127

One hour meditative sound healing session:  $127

In a private session you will receive a customized intuitive session based on your specific issues.