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Awesome Kids Crystal Kit


Includes s/h in US

Here's a few of the details...

  • Awesome Kids Crystal kit contains ALL TWELVE crystals that are discussed in the class.  The crystals will be intuitively selected for your family.  
  • The webinar is approximately 2 hours.
  • The webinar is for your personal use only and is not to be shared without the permission of Tami.  
  • This class is "on demand" and not live, you may access it at anytime.  

Webinar Only


(includes access to recording)

Join me in this educational and energetic training webinar as I share 12 amazing crystals and how they can help your child.  Is your child...

  • Diagnosed with autism, adhd, anxiety, PANDAS/PANS
  • Energetically sensitive
  • An empath - easily picks up on the energy and moods of others

If this sounds like your child, then this class is for YOU! 

Choose a package that works for you