Join me in this 12 session online course on crystals, the mineral kingdom and healing, shifting and balancing working with this important kingdom.

In this class series we will learn to…

  • Work with crystals, rocks and stones for personal, world and Universal healing.

  • Learn what a crystal keeper is and how to honor your role.

  • Learn to communicate with the spirit of the crystal to receive important information

  • Learn to charge, clear, cleanse and use crystals to send energy to certain people, places or situations.

  • Learn the art of divination, channeling guidance for specific questions.

  • Attune your vibration with crystal energy.

  • Learn about the different crystals and their specific properties in working with you.

  • Use crystals as color therapy for balancing.

  • Learn to do a crystal grid for many purposes

  • Learn to use crystals for chakra healing and balancing.

  • Learn to bring in the energy of crystals without having the physical crystal with you.

  • Use crystals for deepening your meditation and astral travels

  • Learn the connection between sacred geometry and crystals

  • Learn how to create gem elixirs and other concoctions with crystals.  

  • Learn about the Golden Grid of Christ Consciousness and using crystal grids for anchoring and amplifying energy.  

Each webinar is pre-recorded and last 1-2 hours. Go at your own pace and enjoy homework and practice ideas to continue to help you connect and move forward.

Class price:  $78 - this is now part of my membership program.  With a minimum of $44/month you can access this class and MORE!  

Class price only $78 for 12 sessions!