Epiphany Healing Creations

$95 w/intuitive reading or $75 without plus s/h

$111 plus s/h

Rose Quartz Kit - $45.60 plus s/h

Sacred Space Kits

These beautiful kits are inspired by the "awesome ones".  These are the beautiful souls that may have been diagnosed with autism in our earthly realm but hold a high vibrational frequency as master teachers in our hearts. 

Each set contains 1 sacred geometry kit in clear quartz, 1 rose quartz or amethyst point and 3 clear quartz points.    They are already charged and programmed for the purpose of infusing the room with unconditional love and divine light.  

Amethyst Kit - $45.60 plus s/h

What is your intention?

Customized Mala or Prayer Beads Necklace w/Intuitive Reading

Each crystal sings a song and that song is the unique vibration meant for you.    As I hand knot each bead lovingly in place our connection to God and the Oneness in our hearts is committed.    Allow me to tune into your soul and present you with a beautiful song, filled with the unconditional love you deserve.   Each mala contains the traditional 108 beads for chanting your mantra, prayer or intentions.  Wear as a necklace or use for your meditative practice.     Each mala will be charged in the crystal grid and infused with the specific frequencies for you...and that of unconditional love. 

​ I will tune into you energetically and allow your soul to direct me as to the appropriate essential oils, flower essences, crystal energy, song, word, affirmations, power animal or anything needed for harmony and balance to be available to you.

It comes in a roller ball and diluted with coconut oil for easy application, and a list of all of the energies infused in it. And of course, it spends a little time in the Unconditional Love Crystal Grid as do all of the jewelry and crystals.

Cost $33 plus $3.50 s/h in the US.

For more items like bracelets, necklaces, crystals and more, I invite you to join the High Vibe Crystal Tribe for live educational and sale events. 

Learn About Crystals!

Learn about crystals, how to work with them, their properties and how to use them for personal and global healing.  This is the crystal class you've been waiting for.   It is self-paced with 12 sessions, meditations and healing you will for sure feel!

Learn about the class or sign up here:  Crystal Keepers Masterclass


Enjoy a custom gemstone bracelet with the energy that you need.  Give one as a gift or enjoy one for yourself.   Each one is cleansed and infused with unconditional love.  Please state when ordering any details I need to know about sizing or the energy you would like to bring into your life. 

Customized necklace

With this necklace send me your intention...maybe you want a powerful

piece to allow you to go deeper into meditation, or heal a relationship you may have struggled with.  Whatever is going on, I can tune into the amazing combination of stones and crystals needed to help bring guidance and healing to the situation.  This is a healing creation and will take on a life of it's own within your life if you choose to work with it.   It will serve like a soulmate that comes into your life either for a moment or for a lifetime to bring it's purpose to your life.  The best way is to allow me "carte blanche" to tune into what's needed and create for you.  It may not be what you would personally choose or maybe it is!   It's more about what's needed.

You can order yours with an intuitive reading or without. 

Necklace Options
What is your healing intention

Custom Healing Bracelets 

Customized Spirit Animal Necklace w/Intuitive Reading

I've been blessed to team up with Energy Artist, Julia Watkins to integrate her amazing spirit animal pendants into my customized necklaces.    Each necklace will be created with specific healing energies just for you (or the wearer).  I will tune in and receive messages and guidance for you to include with your necklace.  You can tell me your spirit animal OR let me tune in and surprise you.   Either way...this necklace will hold the healing frequencies that are exactly as you need.  Choose your pendant here (but don't order from here, I will handle that).   Then I will contact you with the details.  

Custom Soul Essence

$125 plus s/h