If you've been waiting for an in depth course to help you on your personal journey AND open up your gifts AND help you to communicate and understand your child better, this is it!

This class is for parents, caregivers and family members of those who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (a.k.a. Awesome Kids).  In this course we will enter into an amazing journey as we begin learning about these kids at a personal, intuitive level.    Learn who your child is, what their behaviors mean and how to tell why they are doing something and of course activate your innate gift for spiritual communication with them so you can communicate on both an empathetic and telepathic level.    During this journey we will be shedding our old beliefs, activating our intuition, our senses and clearing out anything standing in our way of truly connecting with these amazing kids.  Be prepared as you learn to heal aspects in your family that aren’t working while discovering these new skills and creating a beautiful connection with the children.  It’s transformational, inspirational and beautiful.  This class series will include…

Video Lessons
Monthly Q and A Conference Calls
Online Community Support and Practice Partners

This is a self paced course (estimated 9-12 weeks) so take your time as you find time to explore these innate gifts that reside inside you and watch as your family dynamics shift and a loving sense of peace expands in your life.

The course will be divided into five sections:


All About the Kids

Autism and the Spiritual Connection
Understanding Their Special Gifts
The Underlying Meanings of Behaviors
Reflection and Understanding

 Our Energy and the Kids

Our Energetic Influence
Letting Go of the Guilt
Reversing Negative Energetic Patterns
Creating Space for Healing and Learning
Our Heart Connection
Reflection and Understanding


Clearing Out the Crud
Shedding Old Belief Systems
Understanding Our Part of This Journey
Activating Our Intuitive and Hidden Gifts
Empowering Ourselves for Change
Reflection and Understanding


What is Telepathy?
Exercise That Muscle!
Feel and Sense the Message
See and Know the Message
Hear the Message
Making Sense of What You Get

 Rejoicing and Integrating

Using Telepathy At Home
Trusting Your Intuition
Bringing the Family In On It
The Awakened Home 

Cost:  $322

*Class available for 1 year after enrollment.*