In the Spring of 2015 it was obvious that my soul purpose took a drastic turn and I had to catch up and figure out where it was going.   After giving up my private practice and moving into a space of watery flow and meditation, the answers arrived.    It started with the download of information and creation of the Chartres labyrinth in my backyard.  But it continues because of the call to create gatherings.

What is a gathering?
A gathering is a group of individuals coming together with a joint purpose.   That purpose is to raise THEIR vibration to a level in which our awesome friends can feel comfortable enough to begin to embody their energy body into their earthly body.   We are being asked to raise our vibration and address our traumas and old baggage so that we can be clear and clean messengers of our divine soul purpose. 

The Vision
The vision is to create gatherings all over the world essentially creating high vibrational points of light.   As those points connect with the grid lines of vortex points that energy becomes amplified.   The vortex points are specific points on the earth that have been activated for this purpose of being a way station for the awakening of each soul's divine purpose. The labyrinth in my backyard is activated as a secondary point.   The more participate in the gatherings the higher the frequency of the collective consciousness. 

A gathering can be held anywhere, it is the intention of the participants that is key.  Each participant holding the intention to raise their own vibration and refraining from wanting to change anyone else in any way. 

What Happens At A Gathering?
There is really only one requirement and that is that the

space is kept pure of outside influences, manipulations

and agendas.  Other than that the sole purpose is to

gather to raise the vibration in a group setting, holding

the space for the awesome kids to embody.  Each

gathering is open to the facilitator to plan.  Some

suggestions are...

1.  Socialization - bring a potluck dish
2.  Circle time spent in silence, breathing, focusing on raising the vibration and opening the heart.
3.  Activity to raise vibration - see suggestions here.
4.  Discussion time - getting to know each other, forming a tribe.

Is there a fee to attend a gathering?
Each facilitator is opening their home so we ask for a "love donation" of your choice as an energy exchange for their efforts.   An appropriate amount would be somewhere between $10-$20 or as you feel guided.  There may be times when a fee is charged if there is a special event where payment needs to be made to bring in the guest.  

How can I become a facilitator?
If you can follow the intentions of this group then we would love
for you to participate!

Here is a guide for being a facilitator.  

Please e-mail me at:

for more information.

Where can I find a gathering?
We're just launching this program so for now just in Corona, California.  As we have more facilitators join us we will post the locations and contact information here.