Part of raising the vibration of the autism community is to share the truth.  When we share the truth, out their to those parts of the community that may not understand or may not want to hear, it is a brave thing to do.    It's time to come out of the shadows and into the light.  Being that light means you leave that old fear and programming behind and do something new, bold and brave.

It will take reaching into the most hurt parts of the community to really shift the vibration of the entire community.   Are you ready?  

1.  Start by sharing the 18 Sacred Truths About Autism Video

2.  Next is where you get to shine.   Think about times in your life where you saw the light in your child.  It's the time when you realized he was MORE than autism.    BLOG about it!  WRITE a post about it!   CREATE a video about it!  SHOW his light with a picture!    In every way you do this ALWAYS add
#iseeyourlight to your posting.   This is very very important because it creates sort of an online social media file where people can access everyone's stories.   If you TWEET it...add the hashtag.  If you post it on FACEBOOK...add the hashtag.  #iseeyourlight    It gives us a place where we can go and find and read everyone's postings. Be sure to change your settings to make your post public so that everyone can celebrate your child.   A PLACE FILLED WITH THE LIGHT OF OUR KIDS!

The kids are asking us to raise our vibration to a level of unconditional love...the vibration of the heart.   Currently the collective of the autism community is averaging a vibration that is pretty disturbing.  The good news is that we are all connected.  So when one of us works on raising our vibration, it positively affects many other.  But if many of us raise our vibration it can really have a substantial impact. 

I am asking you and your soul is asking you too, lets face it

to COMMIT to changing your life by making a conscious

choice to be responsible for your energetic field and what

vibration you are putting out into the world. 

1.  Create a daily practice and stick to it.  Here are some

quick resources...

Free meditations available online -


Raise Your Vibe downloadables you can listen to each day

which includes... "The Gift of Breath",  "Shamanic Breath" ,

"Light Rope Meditation" and "Yellow Brick Road Soul Connection."   Each meditation or exercise takes you closer to connecting to a deep soul level with yourself and others. 

Yoga at home!  I love Yoga Glo as a great resource for doing Yoga Practice if you don't have the capability to leave your home for long. 

2.  Know when you've shifted off track and shift it back.  You do this by going back to your daily practice and recommitting.  

3.  Create opportunities to be in community with others who are doing the same thing.  Seek out people that are like minded and support your commitment to living a high vibrational, conscious, awakening life.  You are welcome to join my Facebook Group or any others you feel guided to join such as The Gifts of Autism.   Create or attend a Gathering Group.  In person community is just as important as our social networks. 

4.  Create a sacred space in your home that holds the vibration of love.   Commit to meditating, upkeeping the space and being in this energy regularly.   Recommit to a high vibrational life each month.   In this space you make a statement to the Universe that you are a holder and amplifier of the light.  

The above diagram shows the potential reality.  Currently the collective consciousness of the autism community is vibrating a tad bit lower than general society.  (on average)  Of course their are beautiful pockets in the community that have and are raising their vibration and those are noted on the chart. 


I am looking for at least 12 beautiful souls to become leaders in this movement.   You feel guided to share this message.  You feel a pull to really make a difference.   Email me if you'd like to join the movement as a leader and spread this message!