Watch the video below and tell me if your soul isn't stirred to come into the ONENESS with all beings.   If you know you have something to contribute to the world and don't know what that is, this is the place to start.   In your participation you open to the opportunity to allow your true purpose to show up divinely and boldly in your life. 

Is your soul moved to create a Christ Consciousness Power Point in your space?

Goal:   Discover and Activate 27 Christ Consciousness Power Spots

Goal:  5000 Christ Consciousness Power Points around the world

Goal:  Full moon grid activation for all spots for the next 12 years

Goal:  Contribute to moving humanity to the next level of consciousness by our commitment to this work.

Love in Action

Here are the Power Spots and Power Points so far.

How Can You Participate?
Currently the crystals are being charged in the Corona, California labyrinth with the Christ Consciousness energy.    It takes 30 days for the energies to be exactly as they should be for this work.    Each month I will send out the crystal grid kits as they are ready so that you may create and activate them by the very next FULL MOON.
What's in the Crystal Grid Kit?

1 large sized Rose Quartz Crystal
20 amethysts - variety of sizes
4 clear quartz tumbled crystals
1 bag of Palm Springs Gold gravel/sand
Directions for creating your Christ Consciousness Power Point
Christ Consciousness Power Point Activation Script

*In addition every Full Moon I will connect the points, creating a 3-D representation of the Christ Consciousness Grid.*

To send your order online please pay this amount here:  

Cost:  $59.42 including priority shipping in the United States.   If you are in another country please email me for shipping cost.