What is this soul flow training I speak of?   It's evolving as everything with this method or un-method I should say does.  That is IN THE FLOW.   

Soul Flow evolution begins with my friends both old and those I haven't met yet.  Those that have begun or are starting their soul driven, heart powered business but seem to need help...they have questions...need support on how to be successful yet stay in their integrity.  

How can you make money but also live your soul purpose?   How can you keep your energy balanced while working with ill clients or around people still in the victim mode? How can I step into my soul purpose and not apologize for changing my life?   How do I deal with those around me who aren't supporting me? 

There is so much here.  So much richness to discover to help us all express our divine calling in the most beautiful way into our work and our lives.    Soul Flow Training answers this powerful question... "How can my soul purpose express itself fully and completely in this life?"  In Soul Flow we open up space for this to happen.  

Together we will discover all we need to know and open to the unknown fearlessly. 

Join me for an introductory class - Saturday, April  29th 2017 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time - Cost $25

I look forward to meeting you and guiding you to be your greatest expression of YOU!