The Sacred Walk of the Labyrinth and Its Essential Importance to the Autism Community

(based on the meditations of Tami Duncan)

 Imagine the labyrinth as multi-dimensional…”as above, so below”, a way to experience heaven on earth.   As one begins at the start point they walk not a maze but begin the walk that reflects their own journey through life.   Allowing oneself to be in pure flow, one will pause, speed up, reflect, allow and become aware with a heightened sensitivity of the purpose and lessons one has experienced in life.    That which has been cloudy and hard to understand rises to the opportunity to show itself with clarity.   On the way in it is about what you’ve been through, what lessons are their for the learning and guidance for your path.   It is a parallel reality that is entered as each step highlights the intention of awakening and aligning with ones true soul purpose.  One can see situations, traumas and areas of your life through divine eyes and thoughts, shedding the earthly destructive patterning. 

 As you enter the center six petals surround you.   Each petal represents a roadmap leading to true oneness.  The roadmap parallels the teaching of Jesus and restated in the bible as the “Lord’s Prayer.”  However the religious aspect isn’t key here, it is the teaching that is taught in many ways, in many belief systems yet the power of understanding is amplified right here in the center of the labyrinth.

 One can move and meditate through each petal.
(this showed up in synchronicity with the reading of the Book of Love by Kathleen McGowan)

The petals represent:







Each principle is the actual true meaning of the Lord’s prayer except in a more modern and meaningful terminology.   For each petal, meditate on one principle.    Ask yourself where are you with it?  What can you do in your life to master this principle?  Allow the answers to flow to your heart. 

 Through these principles, the focus on them and movement through them, one becomes closer to their own SECOND COMING.    Full completion equals full embodiment, the soul and all parts merged together as one vibrant spiritual being, complete and living true to their purpose on earth.   A living Christ Consciousness in full expression of and through you. 

 The center of the labyrinth is Christ Consciousness in its full expression through you.   You can feel it and allow the feeling in this state, while in the center, to imprint in your heart.

 As you walk back through the labyrinth, all of the knowledge, the healing, the guidance and the knowing you take back with you as you journey back into your three-dimensional self.  It is up to you what you choose to keep and how you live your life from this point on.

 In relation to autism….the labyrinth seems to be a sort of activation point.   It is a place where groups can connect together, not as individual selves but as a group mind.   As the group mind of autism mothers and fathers enter into this Christ Consciousness State many things happen.  

 The autism frequency, which is very high vibrational is able to become slightly more comfortable in our physical world.    The lightworker frequency has been assisting them, but the true calling is the rest of society, starting with their family.   Each person who enters into an awakened state can no longer live in society with deaf ears and blind eyes.   They become aware and sensitive to the animal, plant and mineral kingdom as well as spreading seeds to educate the rest of society about what we have done to the earth and ourselves.   Each human that awakens positively affects 20,000 people because of their connection to all things. 


It is said that in the future these times will be read about, as we are the ancestors.   It shall read something like this. 

“2000 years ago millions of ascended masters arrived on earth, taking on an earthly body.   The people of earth looked at them as if they were cursed and were a curse.   Even some of the masters believed they were a curse. This was the biggest illusion to ever exist.    It took 60 years.   Eventually all were able to show their divine being and most were able to understand them.  As they did, they brought their mothers light to the surface as their warrior strength fought for them and for others to see them.   Eventually they were no longer viewed as a curse but the greatest blessing that ever was.  This was the second coming.  It wasn't Jesus in form coming, but the Jesus in all of us arriving and finding it's way to shine in all of us.”


 The labyrinth serves as a way station where the energies can connect and amplify.  It’s connected in all directions to the other activated points through the earth, the ethereal…as above, so below…  (other labyrinths that have been activated by the awakening of the autism parents).  The autism energies of ascension are high dimensional and connect with the awakened spirits of the mothers.  As the mothers join there, it is activated as a point.   A template is created to spread to others.

 The Koge indigenous tribe from Columbia show us that there are very important threads of energy running in the earth, all connected together.   According to my visions these threads need to connect to the next level, which is through Chartres labyrinth and other energy vertices, which is realized when one lives the six petals in their life as a daily practice.   All realities, dimensions and planes of existence connect and work together surpassing space and time.

One cannot skip the plant, mineral and animal kingdom and expect to fully embody their soul purpose.   They are rising up to show their divine essence to humanity and to be recognized as individual souls connecting and contributing to the whole.  In our listening and seeing this we allow them to embody their soul purpose.  Not realizing this fact keeps that human in a sleep state as well. 

Groups can create templates in a collective consciousness connection to assist in clearing as well.   Each level has new lessons, new things to understand.  Each has consciousness.   One must shed many beliefs and societal programs in order to allow their divinity to embody.

The autism coming is the most important thing to happen to the earth to date.   They have come to teach us how we can rejuvenate the earth and our hearts.  Living at this time is a blessing and we get to be part of it all.   It’s our choice what part we play.  Minimally one should consider aligning with this way and spreading the word to others.  In that we positively can affect millions of people as we hold space for each other and those diagnosed with autism that need our awakening to be able to feel comfortable in their earthly body.  Our increase in love and compassion, faith, surrender, service, abundance, forgiveness and strength IS the roadmap to do this…yes for the kids, for ourselves but for all.   In the anchoring in of these principles in our lives we align with our souls purpose and shine an example through our actions into the world infusing momentum into a global awakening. 

Labyrinths should be created at specific points in the world to create more opportunities for activations.  Yet in order to activate them they must be utilized.  The more who enter into their awakened state, the more powerful they become.  It takes a minimum of 12 souls (in physical or ethereal) to activate a location.    Secondary energy points can be created as simply as the backyard labyrinth to serve as a place where the awesome ones can work with the energy, a meditation space and a family/community anchoring of the energy that connects to all of the other points.

 Gatherings of individuals should be created to continue to activate this Christ Consciousness within with the purpose of reaching a state of being that will hold this space for the higher dimensional beings to shift and live comfortably in this world. 

 It is important to note that when you embark on this journey it takes time.   One must be very gentle and nurture yourself with love.   Stepping into this role is a commitment to releasing the old traumas that have been holding you in stagnant space.   By living the six principles you will be able to flow through this and know the deep blessings that exist now and await you as well.  In the intentional workings of the totality of the six principles encompasses unconditional love and compassion and gratitude for all that is. 

 The Labyrinth and the Lord’s Prayer

To Our Father / (Mother) Who is Benevolent and Reigns in Heaven,
Your names are hallowed and sacred. (Faith)
Your kingdom comes to us through obedience to Your will.
Thy will be done (Surrender)
on earth as it is in heaven. (Service)
Give us each day our bread, the manna, (Abundance)
And forgive us for our errors and debts
As we forgive ourselves and all others. (Forgiveness)
Keep me on the path of righteousness and
Deliver me from the temptation of evil. (Strength)

 Chartres Labyrinth

 In the labyrinth one reaches the “Temple Space” (the center) where one speaks directly to God.
Solomon and Sheba created the labyrinth with its eleven paths in and out as a new tabernacle, where fully realized men and women may find there is no separation between themselves and God.  In the center of the labyrinth, the children of God will open their eyes.  Awaken in this life, see their bodies are their own sacred temple spaces.   We are to live on earth as it is in heaven, create heaven where it does not exist on earth.   This is done through love alone.   –Kathleen McGowan from the Book of Love.

Action Items:
Consider creating a backyard labyrinth – Chartres style

 Consider creating a gathering group in your community to raise the group vibration, create community and connection for this new evolution.

 Create a daily ritual or practice incorporating the 6 principles into your life.   Model this for your family without forcing them to participate.

 Visit Chartres labyrinths and set the intention to walk it as described above.   Go with friends and family to do the same.   You will activate them as a secondary point.   Click here for the activation meditation you should read before walking.

Purchase or rent a portable labyrinth and invite other mothers and fathers over to walk the labyrinth with this intention.