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   Here's what you'll learn...

Understanding and connecting to your child
Intuitive pathways to communication
Free will and discovering his/her desires
Fixing versus healing and how to discern the difference
Understanding the language of behaviors

Understanding and connecting to yourself
Opening up your gifts - remembering who you are
Discovering your special connection to your child
Muscle Testing as a gateway to your intuition
Learning how to know what is healing versus harmful for your child
A mother’s heart and a father’s strength
Coming into your own power as a healer

Understanding and connecting to the environment
Learn to create a safe and peaceful sleeping sanctuary for your child
Learn techniques to purify the energy in your home.
Learn how moods, emotions and energy can affect your child
Discover the balance between control and surrender and how this affects your child.

Vibrational Healers Toolbox
Learn the basics of gentle energy healing you can use right away.
Working with crystals, rocks and stones.
The vibrational power of essential oils
Other frequencies and what is available to use for healing
The power of prayer, meditation and love for this autism journey

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Hi!  I'm Tami...I'll be your guide on this journey.  I've worked with hundreds of families and touched thousands of lives with energy healing and transformational programs. I've helped families in the autism community step into their inner healer, their wisdom and happiness.  I look forward to meeting you and helping you connect more deeply to your child.