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Join me for a transformational experience and meet your new tribe! It's time for the first annual "Your Time to Shine" retreat in Sedona, Arizona.   Here you will awaken your heart to your divine soul purpose. 

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Tami Duncan is the creator Epiphany Healing Arts.  She is also the author of Vibrational Healing for Autism. During her journey to heal herself and her son she has learned a lot about healing the mind, body and spirit.  This has brought her to learning healing techniques herself.  She is currently a Reiki Master Teacher, certified in Vibrational Alignment, Multi-Dimensional Healer, Mentor  and medical intuitive. She intuitively determines what the client needs in order to journey through their own healing path.  She speaks telepathically to children diagnosed with autism and helps bring strategies to families and a voice to kids who struggle to have their voices heard.   She enjoys teaching others and hosting amazing healing retreats.  

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